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Vehicle dismantling offers used spare parts from Europe for cars, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, tractors and many other vehicles. Our parts ads are collected from foreign auctions, classifieds pages, private and legal sellers and placed on our portal. You can compare and choose from more than 30 million spare parts with a few clicks of buttons. After choosing the product you like/need, you can purchase it directly on our website and pay in the most convenient way for you. The goods are delivered within 3–7 working days to our Vilnius warehouse or to any address specified by you (worldwide).

Delivery information

The online store supplies quality used car parts to customers all over the world every day. We understand that buying parts online can be intimidating, so we want you to know that we are committed to helping you every step of the way.

The shopping cart will automatically calculate the shipping fee for your order. Add the required items to the cart and complete the order to see the shipping prices.

Delivery times on the website are approximate and will depend on where you live. In most cases, the goods are delivered in about a week.

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Reviews about Xdalys
I have repeatedly ordered used spare parts and I am satisfied with the service! The goods will arrive quickly! However, I would like to see more information and pictures of the details for sale.
Andres S
Crazy amount of parts available. Received very close to new looking item with less than half of the dealers price. Shipping was a little on the expensive side but the part was very securely and well packaged!
Evert Lund
Cheap and good parts. Shipping costs are bit high, but that's understandable.
Toni Siik
The parts arrived as described, it took some acceptable time to wait, communication was good.
Gintas Krakas
I bought used spare parts on Xdalys twice after a few years. Twice out of two the piece arrived as described and solved the problem, saving me. Shipping to Italy takes a couple of weeks. Courteous customer service and quick responses via email or WhatsApp (English language).
Stefano d'annunzio

Frequently asked questions

How to order parts on XDALYS.LT?
How to order parts on XDALYS.LT?
  • Find the desired product our website, click "BUY NOW" under item description section and then fill in all the necessary fields in the shopping cart;
  • Write to us on Viber/WhatsApp +370 604 460 22 or email:
  • Call us – our phone numbers are listed in the Contacts section.
What are the terms of payment and delivery?
When you have chosen the product you want, you can place your order and pay for it directly on our website. Goods are delivered within 3-7 working days to our warehouse in Vilnius and then shipped worldwide.
What are the warranty/return rules ?
In order to return the item or apply for warranty we need following information for initial seller:
  • 1. Proof of fault in photo or video (if possible also include workshop/dealership document).
  • 2. Description of installment procedure.
  • 3. Description of fault or malfunction of the product.

All requirements must be completed correctly and in a clearly understandable manner.Failure to meet those requirements means that we are not able to return or take back initially purchased products.
Can I return item/-s if I mistakenly ordered wrong items?
It is necessary to verify the accuracy and suitability of the products before placing an order. We can only return faulty products. We cannot return products that have been ordered incorrectly or have been ordered without checking the suitability.
I have received something else than what I ordered?
Please follow the same protocol of “Claims/Warranty”. Provide us pictures/video of the received package and product + order number from the package. We verify information provided to us, check order and make sure that the ordered product is different from what you ordered initially.
Why sometimes transport takes more time?
We broker goods from a wide variety of companies across Lithuania and Poland. We ship with local and large courier companies to our warehouse in Poland. From there, goods move on to the intermediate warehouses in Vilnius and Tallinn. Some of the goods are located in such places that we have to send our own transport to them, which may also delay the arrival of the goods at the final destination. This happens, for example, if the seller does not accept card payments or bank transfers and we have to buy the goods in cash. It may also happen that the seller is still dismantling the spare part from the car even though we have already sent a courier to pick it up. Since the courier cannot get the goods from there, they can't go again until a few days later. In addition, we have to take into account the weather conditions. In winter, for example, transport times can be several times longer due to bad road conditions. In general, however, we try to stay within the limits, but we ask for your understanding if we accidentally exceed them.